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    InstaDry's support team is ready to launch a branch in your location. Web marketing, phone answering, pricing, and business to business relations are all handled by our corporate staff.

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InstaDry has locations that are ready for your leadership and creative ideas. Take the leap and jump into the industry into an established branch! Our team is ready to guide you to the highest level of success.


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If you are ready to bring the healthier and more eco-friendly cleaning method to your area, we would love to put you in charge. Perfect for people looking to start a business in their area and are ready to put in the work of making their community stronger.

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Easily Marketable, All Natural

The InstaDry cleaning method uses all biobased reagents which are still more powerful than the competition. Also, no excess water is used which means no trucks or hoses! The benefits are clear.

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Flexible Business Design

Our franchises can be operated as either a one man show or have been successfully scaled to corporate level cleaning teams with main and branch offices. Your future is in your hands.

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Uniquely Low Cost

The barrier to entry is practically nothing. With a little dedication, you could be running a home based cleaner in no time. Then, with a little investment, you could grow to dominate entire markets.

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Why Choose the Carpet Cleaning Industry?

You have thousands of choices when it comes to industries to start your business in. However, if you want to start in the best position and have the greatest chance to thrive, we believe and have proven that carpet cleaning is an amazing environment!


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InstaDry Franchising Made Simple

Simple. Affordable. Profitable.

The carpet cleaning business is amazingly expansive and is one of the fastest growing home services. The major cleaning research companies reccomend that homes are cleaned on an biannual basis which leads to a repetitive client base.

Companies built on repetitive clients are best able to recieve reviews, obtain online visibility, and get referral clients. Returning clients means lower cost of acquisition per client and means better ROI on all marketing efforts. All-in-all, these factors combine to prove that with InstaDry, you have a better chance of succeeding and carving out a place for your business to thrive..

Why Franchise a Carpet Cleaning Business With InstaDry

  • Work Directly With Clients and Build Relationships.
  • Live an Active Lifestyle and Work For Yourself.
  • Our Corporate Office Will Help With Phone Calls and Client Management.
  • Our Marketing Method Has Been Proven Time and Time Again to Get You Jobs.
  • Feel Good by Offering a Better Product that is Eco Friendly, Powerful, and Unique
  • Extremely Low Start Up Costs.
  • Powerful Expandibility and Growth Potential.

What Do Our Franchise Owners Say?

  • My last business did not survive because while I was working jobs, I could not answer incoming phone calls. By the time I called them back, they had already booked elsewhere. InstaDry does not let that happen and their dedication means dozens of new clients for me.

    James Butler InstaDry The Villages
  • Deciding to franchise with InstaDry was one of the best decisions I could have ever made for my professsional life. The support is unparralelled and the costs are so much less than the other companies. I looked through many different options and I am glad I chose InstaDry.

    Kenneth Mooney InstaDry Tampa