Why InstaDry?

Because we offer you the chance to build a great life that makes a difference!


InstaDry's team environment is all about making each of our franchises succeed in every aspect. This begins with giving our franchises the best possible starting position and we follow through with 24/7 support.


Our brand is built off of using higher quality cleaning tools than any other major brand. The cleaning equipment is 100% Bio-Based, is dry within minutes, and is proven to lower carpet maintenance costs.


Our franchisees are uniquely loved by their clients. Once customers book with us once, they are very likely to call you time and time again or post positive online reviews about the quality of our service.

Our Mission


Better Health

InstaDry's all green cleaning method does not bring any harsh cleaning materials into the home. Instead of the harsh detergents or acids used by most companies, InstaDry takes pride in keeping our cleaning method completely pet and kid safe! Additionally it has no artificial perfumes which means that it is allergy and asthma friendly. In fact, the InstaDry cleaning method increases the indoor air quality by up to 85% which removes allergens and therefore makes it easier to breathe within the home.

The Franchisee Takeaway

The all-natural cleaning method used by InstaDry is better than wet cleaning by removing more allergens, drying faster, and by being pet and child safe!

Drying Speed Comparision

10 MinutesInstaDry
24 HoursSteam Cleaners

Higher Quality

It is very important to us at InstaDry that we perform a job worth talking about. This means that our technicians learn early on to never cut corners, to always go the extra mile, and to put in the elbow grease when spots are being stubborn. The InstaDry system is actually specially crafted to leave no room for shortcuts. Unlike steam cleaners who can rely on carpets being wet to mask their poor worksmanship, dry cleaning leaves no room for that. We use the motto "Clean and Dry BEFORE We Say Goodbye" and we mean it. Every client gets to see the high quality of our work before our technician ever leaves. Now that is a clean worth talking about!

The Franchisee Takeaway

All together, InstaDry aims to provide a service that people want to talk about. This means doing the job better than anyone else each and every time.

Refferral Rates

10%Industry Average


Stronger Relationships

InstaDry believes in building lifeong clients who utilize our services at least biannually. We call these our core clients and we work extra hard to tailor our services to getting more of these core clients. While seasonal customers come and go, the relationships that are built with core clients will keep the business profitable in hard times and will help you thrive in good years. By offerinng a wide variety of services to keep you going to their home, by offerring discounted rates on consecutive cleanings, and by being extra flexible with scheduling their appointments, InstaDry has made it easier than ever to get repeating clients.

The Franchisee Takeaway

InstaDry passionately pursues lifelong relationships with clients by being there on their schedule with a large variety of services that they want to use time and time again.

Client Return Rates

18%Industry Average

Better Health. Higher Quality.
Stronger Relationships.

Now that is a business worth working with.

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