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Your Future is Bright

InstaDry is seeing groundbreaking success in both residential and commercial environments.

Less problems, higher satisfaction, and better contract negotiation make InstaDry franchises succeed.

Clear Visibility

See how we make it easier than ever to make a presence online, in local positions, and in city wide markets.

Clear Visibility

Our positions in online marketplaces are unprecedented. We have shown without doubt that our system can get you clients that other franchises don't reach.

Guarranteed Locations

Our marketplaces are secured by our trademarks and our promise that you will have a secured propery.

Guarranteed Locations

We believe that we as a company will succeed by working together. This is harmed by any attempt to open a second branch in the same location. Instead, we will work together to build a unified company.

Amazing Future

Over 9 Billion square feet of carpet are installed annually and all of it needs maintenance.The potential is relatively endless.

Amazing Future

This means that every InstaDry franchise, in most any market, can succeed and will in the presence of our corporate support.

The Carpet Cleaning Business

The healthiest industry around

More Repeat Clients Means Lower Marketing Costs Per Job

Higher Revenue per Employee Means Less Complexity

Minimum Launch Costs Save You Money and Help You Start

How Long Does the InstaDry Support Last?

InstaDry is here to help you from day one. Our team will never stop and our growth will work with you. As you grow, we have a process in place to commit more and more resources to keeping your company in steady state growth.

Beginning with Day 1, our team is going to help you learn how to launch a highly successful business. This means everything from giving you the highest level of training on our tools and techniques, to teaching and assisting you in managing your incoming clients. This means that starting from day 1, you will be keeping a log of all of your clients. This means that over time, you will be able to build a highly useful list of repetitive clients.

Throughout the growth phase is when businesses often are liable to fail. As the complications of developing routes, increasing insurance premiums, and future marketing grow, many businesses begin to become overwhelmed. If you were by yourself, it would be nearly impossible to grow past this point and the weight of it could ruin the business. However, with InstaDry, we can balance the load for you. While you manage the clients and run the jobs on your own, we help you answer the phones on the way, bring in new calls, and get your book of clients to call you.

Throughout your future, InstaDry will be there to support you the whole way along. That means that when you, like our other franchises, reach the point of growth that local hotels, hospitals, and apartment complexes hear about your team, you will have an ace up your sleeve. While the other businesses in your area may not have the support in place to handle such large scale jobs, you will be able to call in the cavalry! When an Orlando 5-Star hotel chain needed their entire facility cleaned in 2015, the Orlando franchise was able to call in support from Tampa, Jacksonville, and Lake Nona. That team together was able to knock out a 5 figure job in a weekend and received rave reviews!